Auto accident prevents Fabbricatore from competing for nomination in special election

By BRIAN PORTER | The Rocky Mountain Voice

HUGO — The Republican Congressional Vacancy Committee convened here Thursday evening with nine candidates vying to be nominated to a place on the 4th District Congressional special election ballot.

But, there should have been 10 candidates.

John Fabbricatore was unable to participate when he was involved in an auto accident on the way to Hugo, reads a social media post he wrote.

“I was involved in a vehicle accident that disabled my vehicle and kept me from making it to the event in Hugo, before the first round of votes were cast,” he wrote.

The committee ruled he must be in attendance for his nomination to be entertained, Fabbricatore wrote. Nine candidates were nominated, and he would have been the 10th.

His campaign manager and a friend were in the vehicle when the accident happened and were unharmed “except for a black eye and some bumps and bruises,” Fabbricatore wrote.

“The two people in the vehicle who struck me from behind were transported to the hospital for evaluation, and we pray for their health,” he said.