Devotional: Pursue ‘a good life’ to attain ‘the good life’

By Drake Hunter | Guest Commentary

Have you observed the world and noticed its unraveling state? It’s undeniable; things are falling apart (Genesis 3:24)!

What was familiar is now collapsing, and life is slipping away at an alarming pace. This disheartening reality goes against the notion life is meant to be good, very good (Genesis 1:31)!

So, what went wrong? Essentially, people began exchanging “a good life” to chase “the good life,” leading to the deterioration of ourselves, our relationships, and our world. But there is hope, and we must seize it if we just believe and “Arise From the Fall.”

The distinction between having “a good life” and attaining “the good life” hinges on a single word, and placing faith in the wrong one can lead to a collapse of life. Generally, people equate the good life with one of two things.

First, there’s the pursuit of comfort, luxury, and wealth – the hallmarks of the powerful, rich, and famous. The other picture shows a loving partner, obedient children, and a charming home in a friendly neighborhood. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with these aspirations, compromising values and virtues for them can turn a victorious life into a living hell, particularly in the long run (Revelation 14:10).

On the other hand, a good life is built on ethical and moral values, aligned with virtues that have stood the test of time, and is organic in the design of human beings. It is inherently spiritual, where victories are nurtured through collective efforts aimed at goodness for everyone, regardless of conditions. It’s a life worth living, accessible to all who choose to live in truths based on trust, rooted in sacred and secular understanding and wisdom (Isaiah 11:1-3; Proverbs Ch. 1-9).

It’s a life that unites heaven and earth (Genesis 1:1), where redemption and reaching life’s full potential are a reality for all who choose to do so.

As individuals who follow Christian faith, we recognize the need for a guide or Savior to lead us in the right direction (John 14:6). Our duty is to transcend our mistakes and embody the values and principles that are central to our beliefs, where faith, hope, and love are marks of a virtuous life (1 Corinthians 13:13), even in challenging circumstances (Matthew 19:26).

It is by adhering to the values, virtues, and victories of Christ that we can rebuild flawed and broken systems, whether at an individual or communal level. I refer to these three components of living well as “The Three Vs of Valor Living,” I believe they hold the key to resolving our fallen situation.

When Christ transforms our lives, He redeems our minds, hearts, and souls, giving us the power to become beacons of hope in this dark world. We can inspire others to do the same through our transformed lives, achieving collective victories (Matthew 5:13-16).

As we arise from our personal falls, let us strive toward rising successfully together for the greater good of all. We must embrace the reality of a good life rooted in Christianity and work toward creating a world that reflects true righteousness.

Failure to do so will result in dire consequences. Let us all ‘Arise From the Fall’ and believe in the power of Christ to redeem a good life.

Drake Hunter is senior pastor of Elevating Life Church in Fort Morgan. He is an honorably retired Air Force senior non-commissioned officer, author and spiritual coach.

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