The Western Slope Statesman Podcast #0003- Funeral Homes with Senator Roberts

By The Western Slope Statesman Podcast

On this episode, we are joined by Sen. Dylan Roberts (CO-SD8) to discuss the state of funeral home regulation in Colorado.

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Colorado Office of Funeral Home and Crematory Registration:…
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Time Stamps

00:00:21 Introduction
00:01:15 Where Senator Roberts represents and how he got into the legislature
00:03:51 Rep Soper joins us and we discuss why they both started legislating in the Funeral Home space
00:05:36 HB20-1148: Offenses Committed Against A Deceased Human Being (Abuse of a Corpse)
00:06:29 Who is responsible for regulating Funeral Homes in Colorado?
00:07:37 Colorado’s Funeral Home regulations are unique
00:08:30 SB24-173: Regulate Mortuary Science Occupations
00:09:36 Sunrise v Sunset Bills
00:11:05 Licensing Process for SB24-173
00:12:54 Licensing those already in the industry
00:13:38 Sunset Changes: HB24-1335 & HB22-1073
00:14:56 How will these regulations work together to prevent further atrocities?
00:18:33 “This bill will promote the funeral industry in Colorado…”
00:20:08 Thank you for watching!

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