Colorado Libertarians call for end to Middle East violence, condemn all sides of conflict

By BRIAN PORTER | The Rocky Mountain Voice

War and violence are never the answer to resolving international disputes, a statement from the Colorado Libertarian Party reads.

The party has issued a statement condemning escalating conflict in the Middle East and calling for a peaceful resolution between Israel, Hamas and Iran.

“We stand firmly against any and all acts of aggression, regardless of the parties involved,” the statement reads. “The recent events in the Middle East have only served to further destabilize an already volatile region, resulting in the loss of innocent lives and the displacement of countless families.”

While the statement refers to the conflict as “Israel’s war on Gaza”, conflict between Israel and Palestinians has been ongoing since 1948, marked by the declaration of the state of Israel. It criticizes “thousands of civilians being caught in the crossfire.”

“We believe that the only way to achieve lasting peace in the region is through diplomacy and dialogue, not through military intervention,” the Colorado Libertarian Party’s statement reads. “The bombing of Iran’s embassy in Syria is also a cause for great concern. In response, Iran fired a barrage of drones and missiles at Israel. Such acts of aggression only serve to further inflame tensions in the region and risk sparking a wider conflict.”

The solution, the Colorado Libertarian Party says, is the coordinated efforts of world leaders to end aggression, respecting the rights and sovereignty of all nations.

“The Libertarian Party of Colorado urges all parties involved in the Middle East conflict to exercise restraint and to work toward a peaceful resolution,” the statement concludes. “We stand in solidarity with the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire and call on the international community to do everything in its power to bring an end to the violence.”

The release was included in a party email sent by Chairwoman Hannah Goodman.