El Paso County Republicans Caldwell and VanderWerf qualify for ballot

By BRIAN PORTER | The Rocky Mountain Voice

The petitions of two more Republican candidates have been verified by the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, qualifying them for a place on the primary ballot.

Stan VanderWerf, a candidate for Colorado Senate District 12 in western El Paso County, and Jarvis Caldwell, a candidate for Colorado House District 20 in northern El Paso County, both have qualified for the ballot.

VanderWerf submitted 1,983 signatures, with 1,144 accepted by the Secretary of State. Caldwell submitted 2,166 signatures, with 1,297 accepted by the Secretary of State. The threshold to qualify for both offices is 1,000 signatures.

A record of all accepted and rejected signatures, including reasons for each rejection, is on file with the Secretary of State.