Denver Migrants Send List Of Demands To Mayor

By Sophia Flores | One America News

A group of illegal immigrants staying at an encampment in Denver, Colorado, have sent a list of demands to the mayor’s office.

According to multiple reports that recently surfaced, the group submitted a list of 13 demands, which include access to free immigration lawyers, shower facilities, employment support, free visits by medical professionals, free transportation, and fresh cooking ingredients that will be “provided by the City.”

The illegals issued the demands following Denver Mayor Mike Johnston’s (D-Colo.) request to clear their campsite, which is situated beneath a bridge and adjacent to train tracks.

In tandem, Denver Human Services have instructed them to dismantle their encampments and relocate to shelters supported by the city.

“We’ve been offering time and shelter, basically just trying to get families to leave that camp and come inside,” Denver Human Services spokesperson Jon Ewing said.

City officials say that they will only offer the requested amenities and services to migrants who move into its shelters.

In the meantime, the city has continued to direct buses to the encampment site so that migrants who decide to relocate can be transported to its shelters.