Dueling meetings planned to decide future of party’s leadership

By Ernest Luning | Colorado Politics

Rival factions of the Colorado Republican Party have scheduled separate meetings a week apart in different corners of the state later this month to consider whether to remove Dave Williams as the state party’s chairman, though the meeting set by Williams’ allies is only planned to last long enough to gavel in and then immediately recess.

Leaders of both groups accuse the others of staging “illegal” and “fraudulent” meetings in what they characterize as attempts to hijack the state Republican Party for their own gain, even as GOP candidates are left scrambling to prepare for a crucial election just months away.

Organizers of a long-simmering move to oust Williams from the party position said Monday that they’ll convene on July 27 at a church in Brighton, where the agenda could also include votes to oust Williams loyalists from their state vice chair and secretary positions before electing replacements for all three party bosses.