American Potential

American Potential is a national award-winning podcast that shares how individuals are taking action in their community to break barriers. While some of our guests may be public officials or influencers, many are ordinary Americans who decided, “enough is enough” and are stepping up in a big way. We share policy solutions to the most important challenges our country faces and talk to people who are doing something about it. Our hope is that when you hear about other people’s stories of success – and struggle – you will realize that you are capable of doing extraordinary things within your own community and know that you are not alone.

Jeff Crank hosts the American Potential podcast. Jeff serves as a regional vice president at Americans for Prosperity, a political advocacy and accountability organization that helps pass policies to expand freedom and opportunity. He previously hosted The Jeff Crank Show from 2008-2022, and is the president of his own real estate investment company. American Potential is now a national award-winning podcast. Having won the Gold Award at the 18th annual 3w Awards in the News and Politics Podcast category. The 3w Awards is judged by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts.