Lake: It’s 1968 all over again, the year that left two leaders dead and shattered our politics

For months now, the parallels between 2024 and 1968 have seemed eerie. The Democratic convention is once again in Chicago this August, as it was 56 years ago. The Democratic incumbent, once again, is despised by his left-wing base and seems out of touch with voters. College campuses are once again aflame over a foreign war.

Boyd: Contrary to media claims, inflation index shows Americans still face sky-high prices

Contrary to the corporate media cabal’s desperate attempt to paint the Consumer Price Index report for June 2024 as a sign that inflation “cooled” and will continue “cooling” and “slowing” the closer the nation gets to November’s presidential election, Americans are still paying higher prices on basic day-to-day goods and services than they did in the last four years.

Ashbaugh: How a Latino Democrat and a Black Republican opened a white, middle-aged woman’s eyes 

The Republican friend of mine who I so quickly judged, as we reconnected after years of not seeing each other, was Lavelle Lewis, a football and basketball player who I’d cheered for during our years at IHS in Rochester, N. Y. After a couple of cups of coffee, I realized that as liberal as I was, Lavelle and I weren’t so different.