Author name: RMV Editor

Copeland: How to stop wrecking our country

Let’s be realistic. Undoing the malign influence of Marxist ideology and anti-Semitism in our schools is going to take a very long time. Our elementary age children are being educated to be activists for progressive causes. It will take a massive effort to build a whole generation of teachers in K-12 and universities who will teach the truth and America’s founding principles.

Smrz: Thirty-seven 1st Amendment advocates denied a voice at Colorado Capitol 

On May 1, 2024, The House Education Committee hearing for Colorado Senate Bill 24-158 proceeded without hearing from any of the 37 opponents registered to provide testimony against the bill. Capital insiders were struck by the one-sided monopolization of the hearing, where only testimony in support of the legislation was permitted. This raises concerns about legislative protocol and stakeholder engagement.