Author name: Kelly Sloan

Sloan: The DEI facade is showing cracks

Last week, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s board of trustees did what only a short time ago would have been considered an unthinkable act of social regression: they voted, unanimously, to not only cut the $2.3 million funding of the institution’s DEI program, but to reroute that money into public safety – yes, meaning campus police. 

Sloan: The greater threat to the planet

George Will recently wrote a rather chilling column, pointing out something so obvious that it has escaped much attention. That is this: while much of the world is obsessed over climate change, to the point of spending trillions of dollars annually, virtually no attention is being paid to another hypothetical scenario, one that is at least as real in potential (if not more so) as climate change and which bears far more immediate and devastating consequences – that is the threat of nuclear war.

Sloan: The Roots of Disorder

The disruptions on university campuses around the world continue, to the point that on many colleges actual conduct of educational activity is something available only to the most resourceful. We know the cause of the day that serves as the catalyst for the disorder; support for Hamas and implicitly – and often explicitly – antisemitic hatred for Israel. That, of course, is merely symptomatic; the real hatred is broader, and more generally revolutionary – a hatred for Western Civilization and all of the manners, morals, and customs that accompany it.