100 bison headed to NWSS this week

DENVER — Nearly 100 American bison are headed to Denver this week for the National Bison Association’s 44th annual Gold Trophy Show and Sale at the National Western Stock Show. The NBA will host a corresponding conference in nearby Westminster in which over 500 of today’s bison stewards will gather for a few days of bison-specific education, networking, feasting and fun. 

Armstrong: A modest proposal for school choice in Colorado

I’ll begin with my proposal: Parents who do not send their school-age children to public schools do not have to pay taxes to help support those schools. Whatever proportion of property, income, and other taxes go to schools, those parents either do not have to pay in the first place (I propose), or else they get the money back during tax season, up to the average per-pupil expenditure. I mean to include here property taxes paid indirectly through rent.