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Lake: It’s 1968 all over again, the year that left two leaders dead and shattered our politics

For months now, the parallels between 2024 and 1968 have seemed eerie. The Democratic convention is once again in Chicago this August, as it was 56 years ago. The Democratic incumbent, once again, is despised by his left-wing base and seems out of touch with voters. College campuses are once again aflame over a foreign war.

Yoffe: Something is wrong with Joe Biden. It’s time for him to be assessed by doctors who will tell the truth.

It is time for Joe Biden, the president of the United States, to submit to a medical assessment performed by a group of independent doctors, doctors who are given carte blanche to release their findings. After Biden’s alarming performance at last week’s presidential debate, his stumbling over words, his inability to form a coherent argument, his slack jaw and blank stare, it became undeniable that something drastic had happened to the 81-year-old leader of the free world. It is time for the public to know what is wrong—and what isn’t wrong—with him.

How public schools became ideological boot camps

A pair of teachers at New Jersey’s Fort Lee High School recently taught students that Hamas is a peaceful “resistance movement” and Israel is committing genocide. Teachers at California’s Berkeley Unified School District are “indoctrinating students with antisemitic tropes and biased, one-sided anti-Israel propaganda disguised as education,” according to a complaint by the Anti-Defamation League. Meanwhile, students recently chanted “from the river to the sea” at college campus “tentifadas”—but when pressed could identify neither. 

Could Trump Turn the Bronx Red?

In an overgrown field in the Bronx, a borough that has not voted red in a presidential election since 1924, Orthodox Jews, fraternity brothers, George Santos, Dominican immigrants, off-duty firefighters, and thousands of others are craning their necks for a view of Donald J. Trump.