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Kirk: To secure the White House in 2024, we must win low-propensity voters

As the media world and D.C. insiders become increasingly transfixed by the fallout from President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance, it becomes more important than ever that the conservative movement remains steadfastly focused on the most important things — namely, registering voters and chasing their ballots.

Blackmon: Supreme Court has a chance to torch one of the Left’s favorite legal tactics

From fuel emissions standards to gas-powered vehicle bans to far-reaching climate disclosure rules, states like California are constantly testing how far state laws can go in shaping national climate policy. But for nearly a decade, activists and leftwing lawmakers have simultaneously pursued a backdoor strategy that seeks to use state courtrooms, not state or national legislatures, to sue oil and natural gas companies into ceasing production and accomplishing their goal of shutting down American energy.